Monday, July 28, 2008

4 Days, and Counting!!!

Woohoo!! Four days left of work. This is worse than waiting for Christmas to come when I was little. I'm just so excited. Kristine and I are going to get pedicures on Tuesday in celebration. Yay! Anyway.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ugh, I'm so bored...

I'm at work right now and, in between forcing myself to work, I've been playing on the internet. I've decided I don't blog enough, so I'm gonna ramble for a bit. So, what to talk about. Oh, I'm quitting my job. Ya, I'm excited too. Next week is my last week. And I'm starting fall semester with 16 credits. 16 credits!!! Phew, that's a lot. It's the most I've ever taken, which probably explains why I've been in school for the last five years. But my plan is to graduate in 2010. It seems really far and really close all at the same time. Mat is starting this fall, too. Though he'll only be taking nine credits, cause he still needs to work full time. But, still, at least he's starting. I want him to go into graphic design, but he's still not sure. Oh, we're going camping this weekend. With Mat's brother and his wife. And we're going to fish, too. I've only been fishing once and that was over ten years ago. I remember, it was my whole family and my grandparents. I think we were at Tony Grove, but I don't know for sure. My grandpa and my dad both offered a cash reward to the first person to catch a fish. And it just so happened that I was the first on to catch a fish. I was so excited. But my excitement dissipated when I was standing on a rock that was covered with ants. And not little house ants, but those big black ones. They were crawling all up my legs. It was very traumatic. But I got over it. I don't think we ate the fish, but if I catch any this weekend, I wanna fry em up. I guess we'll see. But, I think that's all for now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Why do white girls need to be skinny?

Ok, here's my rant. I was just watching Jordin Sparks new video, One Step At A Time, and I was thinking how pretty she is. I would be so happy to have a body like hers, but then it kind of hit me. If she was a white girl, she would be criticized for being fat. She's got to be, what, a size 10 when she's bloated? But it seems so much more acceptable for blacks and Latinas to have a little extra padding. The media thinks they're doing good by talking about how pretty girls like Jordin and America Ferrera are, but as soon as a white actress gets any sort of a tummy, speculations of a bun in the oven start to fly! Then you see the trashy gossip magazine at the check stands at Walmart. One has the extremely skinny famous girls on the cover talking about how it's getting out of hand, then the magazine right next to it has pictures of girls on the cover in there bathing suits and they're making fun of their rolls or cellulite. Because, heaven forbid we not all look perfect, not too skinny, not too fat. Granted, that Whitney who won the latest America's Next Top Model is absolutely striking. Just gorgeous and sexy! But how much do you want to bet she slips into oblivion and we never see anything beyond her "cover" of Seventeen magazine. What is it going to take to make it acceptable, even beautiful, for women of EVERY race and skin color to be bigger than a size four?!? Dove tried to with their Campaign for Natural Beauty, but it just wasn't enough. There's a lot of brainwashing that needs to be cleaned up. But where do we start?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Everybody in the party do the ChaCha...

Have you heard of ChaCha. I have discovered it and now I don't know what I ever did without it. For those who don't know what it is, if there's anything you want to know, you can text the question using any major cell phone provider to ChaCha (242242) and a real live person will text you back with the answer. Anything from directions, movie times, state capitols, trivia and jokes. Anything you can think of. Anything!! I just love it and I know once you start using it, you'll be just as addicted as I am!