Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I did a bad thing

I had the strongest craving for a cheeseburger tonight. And I totally caved!


I'm not proud of myself. And my stomach is rather unhappy with me as well.

I always seem to hit the proverbial wall two weeks after starting a healthy habit. I successfully broke through the exercise wall, but my diet wall has been tougher. I've been doing pretty good the last couple of weeks, but lately I've been craving bad, bad food. While my mind seems to be all in on the idea of eating crap, my stomach is of an opposing opinion. Crap food didn't used to make me feel ill, and now it does. Could this be construed as a fringe benefit of a healthier lifestyle? It certainly doesn't feel good right now, but I guess if it prevents me from eating like crap in the future, I'll try to see it as a good thing.

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Ashleyandsteve said...

oh Becky. It seems after I did the contest and got pregnant with gracie, I had the pregnancy cravings, since then my body is STILL making up all of the cravings that I controlled when I did the show. You do better than me for sure!!!!