Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Favorite Workout & Snack

New favorite workout: Walking lunges. The first time my trainer had me do the (three sets, 15 reps each leg) is LITERALLY could barely walk for a full week. My thighs have never hurt that much, but even worse (now better) I've never felt it in the spot right under my butt before. Now when I do it, it's just that good kind of sore. And my butt! If anything's going to tone that sucker, it's walking lunges.

New favorite snack: Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss. This stuff is so good. I feel like I'm eating something bad for me, but it's only 35 calories a serving. It's good on sandwiches, on apples and pears, or all by itself. Oh, Laughing Cow, I don't know what I did without you!

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